I. Breeder Farms : Breeder Farms are situated in Al-Quwaiyah Dist., approximately 60 Kms. from Tebrak, in 2 different locations called AMJAD FARM and NADA FARM. The main purpose of these farms are to produce Breeder Eggs to be used in our Hatchery. Total annual production of these farms are 6 Million Eggs and most of these eggs are being transferred to our own Hatchery. The production of eggs are expected to reach 8 Million within next 2 years. 

These farms are having state of the art technology like automatic feeding system, drinking system, cooling & heating system, ventilating system etc. It also contains Silos and Augers, Generators and others equipped with modern facility.


II. Hatchery : Hatchery section is situated in Tebrak. The objective of this section is to produce Day old Chics to be used in Broiler Houses. The present eggs handling capacity is 6 Million and it is expected to increase up to 9 million before 2002. These section contains Cold-Room, Setters and Hatchers fully equipped with modern facilities.


III. Broiler Houses : Broiler Houses are situated in Tebrak and in Al-Quwaiyah Dist., distinguished as Tebrak-I, Tebrak–II, Yamama-I, Yamama–II, Al Dana - I and Al Dana - II. 

These Broiler houses are constructed and designed with latest technology facilities such as automatic feeding system, drinking system, cooling & heating system, ventilating system, power generators, silos, augers, feed mill, grinders and mixers etc. 



IV. Slaughter has a capacity of 4000 Birds per hour with all modern technology.





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